Golf Lesson and Swing Analysis 

Most students that come into the studio believe they are swinging the club in a particular way, but are surprised when they see themselves on video and see they are not doing what they are thinking or they quickly see something else they never thought of before.  Video analysis, by an experienced instructor, along with precise ball and club data will remove all doubt and allow the student to make effective changes for improvement and lower scores.



We also call it TrackMan’s heart as all insights derive from here. It is the very foundation on which all analysis and performance enhancing software are developed; pure, precise, and reliable data that allows you to dissect and understand the DNA of any given swing.

This is why all the leaders of the game trust and use Trackman data.

You will discover the importance and advantage of receiving instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing.

Join the leaders and start unleashing your potential!

Club Yardage Cards

     How do you lower your scores without making a single swing change?  Know your ACTUAL CLUB DISTANCES by setting up a distance gap session with Trackman 4 technology!

     A common mistake that adds strokes to a golfer's score is not selecting the right club for their target.  Most often a golfer "underclubs" for their selected shot and falls short of the target or green, and is forced to scramble.

     A club yardage card from Good 2 Great Golf can be taken with you on the course, which will help make better club selections and LOWER YOUR SCORES!

Trackman Virtual Golf!

     Why not test your improved new golf swing before going out on your home course?  You can with Trackman Virtual Golf!  Good 2 Great Golf has some of the most challenging and fun courses from around the world.  For example, St. Andrew's the Old Course, the Castle Course, Jubilee, or Royal Portrush which just held the British Open.  Test your skills on some of the same courses as the PGA Tour here in the U.S. like PGA National in Florida, Muirfield Village in Ohio, and many more courses!

Junior Golfer Private & Group Lessons

Whether your son or daughter is just starting out as a golfer, plays junior golf competitions, or wants to improve to make their high school golf team, Good 2 Great Golf is the perfect environment for Junior Golf Instruction.  Both private and group lessons are offered.

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